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Big Beat Music is an independent Australian Record label based in Sydney, Australia

The name BigBeat Music in Australia has been associated with quality productions since the late 1970's and a series of legendary gigs in downtown Sydney presented by Bob Burns and the Australian Blues Music Society. Many will remember the Graphic Arts Club, Musicians Club and other venues around Central Station that set the scene for a feast of live blues, rock, swing, jazz, country & R&B for hard core music lovers. Top players engaging in a string of floating lineups with names like The Bopcats, Humdinga Dogs, Hawaiian Housewreckers jammed at theme nights like "Hillbilly Jazz", "Stringin' The Blues" and "Slippin' & Slidin'".

The crew present on any given night would include the likes of Ray Hoff, Kirk Lorange, Tommy & Phil Emmanuel, Kenny Kitching, John Gray, Stewie Speer, Greg Lyon, Tony Buchanan, Roger Janes, Bob Bertles, Mick Kenny, Herb Cannon, Robert Susz, "Skull" Bird, Marty Mooney, Lynn Wallis, Mona Richardson, Mick Liber... the list goes on. The gigs finally stopped around 1982 but the memory of magical musical moments, great times and cheap beer lives on with anyone who attended.

Bob Burns realised at the time he should try and record whatever he could and created several opportunities to capture some of the unlikely combinations of players, who were happy to operate outside any musical comfort zones. With his good friend, the pioneering musician and producer Duncan McGuire, they managed to produce a number of sessions but Duncan's ill health and ultimately, premature demise precluded their dream of establishing a full scale music label and projects were either quickly issued as souvenir cassettes or left unfinished.


By 2003 Bob teamed up with another long time friend, experienced producer/engineer David Cafe - former protégé of Duncan's - and Big Beat's spark was rekindled, this time as a record label and production house. First task was giving closure to the archival projects, that complete they now have an ongoing commitment to produce quality new works and build a catalogue that appeals to music lovers, fans and collectors worldwide. The label maintains it's own recording studios on the NSW South Coast with additional facilities in Sydney.




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Big Beat Music is an independent Australian Record label based in Sydney and is in no way affiliated with the following: Big Beat Music Shop-Wollongong; Big Beat Records Adelaide; Big Beat Music - Irish folk label; nor any other sized rhythm in Australia or internationally.